Who says disruption is a bad thing?

Show us an industry that isn't ripe for technical disruption and we'll show you an industry that isn't ripe at all.


When traditional workflows are disrupted by factors that challenge market leaders to truly lead, how will you respond?


Professional, affordable corporate video

Build your brand and share your message.

Animated corporate video produced at your convenience.

Sector-specialist recruitment


Lasting success begins with recruitment of the right people for the right opportunity at the right time 



Respected and trusted by clients and candidates in our key sectors, Disruptive Constructive is the executive recruitment partner of choice


Sales  and Management Training

You can build a culture of success


You can build a culture of belief


You can build with focused, inclusive training and coaching


Disruptive Constructive courses are tailored to your specific needs, giving you the building blocks for short-term and long-term success.


Business Analysis, Profiling and Database Building


How much time and money is wasted chasing the wrong targets? 


We help you identify the right ones 



We deliver a penetrating analysis of your target clients, their status, their commercial priorities and their key decision makers. Then we build a target database offering you a new business goldmine and help you shape a winning message that turns targets into partners


Content management


Companies posting regular, targeted blogs generate 50% more website sales leads. And companies with content containing spelling and grammatical errors generate 50% less. Be smart, prolific and precise with Disruptive Constructive.  




Copywriting and Editing                                   

With an endless choice of media, communication has never been easier


But effective communication?



Never forget the importance of finely tuned content.


Original ideas, original takes on familiar themes and language that's snappy, eloquent and localised to your audience bring rich rewards. Your partners at Disruptive Constructive will help you claim your share.


If you prefer an editing service for existing content, then our extra – and expert - pair of eyes guarantees you sharpness and consistency of tone. Let us catch the ball before it drops, refine your message and deliver results.


Social Media Management


If you make the same posts as everyone else, discussing the same subjects and using the same hashtags, how can you differentiate your service? Following what’s trending may be safe, but you won’t be the only one on that bandwagon.


Disruptive Constructive offer you a targeted strategy, engaging who you want to engage and helping you stand out in your own clear space.   


Change Management Consultancy

Implementing a new IT infrastructure, rebrand or recruitment drive calls for expertise and buy-in from your people. Communicate clearly and make a smooth transition with Disruptive Constructive.